Elvis, dead or alive?

ElvisThe mystery that surrounds the death of Elvis continues into the 21st Century, with more and more question marks surrounding the suspicious circumstances of his alleged passing on. Make up your own mind, but not until you have read just a few of the numerous records that may shed light on the conspiracy.

In the month preceding Elvis’ alleged death at Gracelands on 16th August, 1977, Elvis had gained an astonishing 50 pounds in weight. Although he had an upcoming tour, the notoriously image-obsessed star had not bothered to have any new suits made. At his death he weighed 250 pounds, but his death certificate records him as weighing a svelte 170 pounds. The original death certificate has mysteriously disappeared, and the current one is dated two months after his supposed death

Two hours following the public announcement of Elvis’ death, a man that looked remarkably similar to the star was seen buying a ticket to Buenos Aeries, paid in cash, using the name John Burrows, the name that Elvis had often used as an alias.

Two days before his death was announced, Elvis phoned an old friend he called Miss Foster, who reminded him a lot of his mother. During this phone conversation he told her that he was not going on the upcoming tour, but he had not cancelled it. He informed her that he was not ill, and that she should not ask any questions or tell anyone anything she knew. Miss Foster also stated that Elvis had told her not to worry, that all his troubles would soon be over, and that he would be in contact with her soon. The lady took a polygraph test which proved that everything she had stated was the truth.

Many of Elvis’ closest friends were told by his father not to go to the funeral; it has been suggested that this is because of concern that they would detect that the body in the coffin was not that of Elvis. Those who did view the casket commented how fake the body looked, and said that with a pug-nose and arched eyebrows it looked nothing like Elvis. Most noteworthy is that one of the side burns was said to be falling over, and later a hairdresser admitted to gluing it back onto the body.

The coffin at Elvis’ funeral weighed over 900 pounds, so several pall-bearers were needed. The attendants stated that the air surrounding the coffin was very cool. Legend has it that the reason the coffin was so heavy is that it contained an air-conditioning unit or dry ice to keep a wax replica of Elvis cool, designed to trick the funeralgoers.

Elvis’ life insurance policy at Lloyds of London has to this day still not been cashed in. Why? Faking your own death is only illegal if you profit from it.

And finally…
In one of Elvis’ favourite books, underlined is ‘If I should return you would not recognise me’.

SOURCE: The Elvis Conspiracy Homepage at www.members.fortunecity.com

Story by Rachael Bull