Uncanny tales exhibition

Uncanny tales exhibitionRugby Art Gallery recently exhibited Uncanny Tales an exhibition of four internationally recognised London based artists, Paula Rego, Ana Maria Pacheco, Marcelle Hanselaar and Oona Grimes.

This is the first time these artists have been shown together and although each of them has a distinct and personal way of telling tales, they share a passion for expressing the savage, erotic or subconscious aspects of life. Their work brings together fluent drawing skills, subtle use of colour and technical expertise within the print process.

Uncanny tales exhibitionDrawing on sources as diverse as Hogarth and Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Portuguese born artist, Paula Rego shows etchings from the Nursery Rhyme series and the Pendle Witches series as well as lithographs from he recently acclaimed Jane Eyre Portfolio. Brazilian born Ana Maria Pacheco shows dry points, which reflect her concern with the dark side of Catholicism, offering a unique retelling of Old Testament stories and her own interpretation of legend. Marcelle Hanselaar’s concern with childhood and sexuality shows nothing yet suggests everything, her paintings and prints reminiscent of German Expressionism in their power to disturb. Oona Grimes brings a touch of lightness with her dismembered cartoon like figures cavorting through childhood as well as her delicate evocations of floating matter in her How Clever of God series.

Uncanny Tales was a fascinating and thought provoking exhibition of four of the strongest figurative artists working in the UK today. Paula Rego and Ana Maria Pacheco have both been Artists in Residence at the National Gallery in London and all four artists have shown extensively in the UK and internationally.

A touring exhibition from the Foundation for Women’s Art, a charity that aims to increase public knowledge and understanding of the work of women artists, both historic and contemporary. FWA is committed to access and diversity in its programme of exhibitions and events, educational and community activities, research and publications.

For further information log on to www.fwa-uk.org.