Remember, remember your pets this November!

Remember your pets this NovemberBonfire Night may go with a bang for you and your family, but it is estimated that approximately 60 per cent of pets become stressed and fearful during the firework season.  To make matters worse, not only are many pet owners unaware how to help their dogs and cats with firework fears, veterinary professionals believe 71 per cent of owners are unable to spot the signs that their pets are unhappy.

With this in mind, CEVA Animal Health has joined forces with PDSA, Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) and the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) to produce ten top tips to help your pets cope with the firework season:

Hints And Tips On How To Prepare Your Pet For Bonfire Night!

1. Allow your dog or cat to retreat to its favourite hideaway.  This bolthole is where they feel safe.  You can further increase this feeling of security and wellbeing by plugging in a D.A.P.® or Feliway® Diffuser

2. On the evenings you expect fireworks, ensure your pet is safely inside and secure doors, windows and cat flaps

3. Make sure your dog or cat is microchipped.  If they do escape, frightened, confused animals can easily get lost

4. In the run up to the firework season, ensure dogs are used to being taken for walks early in the evening and cats are provided with litter trays both before and during the firework season

5. Draw curtains to reduce the noise from outside and play music or have the TV on to help mask the noise of fireworks

6. Ignore any fearful behaviour and do not try to comfort your pet.  A dog may pick up on your anxiety and this can make the problem worse.  Cats prefer to be left to cope on their own

7. Do not punish your pet.  This only confirms that there is something to be afraid of

8. Try not to go out while the fireworks are going off.  Seeing you acting normally will help your pets feel more settled

9. Speak to your vet. D.A.P.® Spray can be used to give dogs additional support on the night of the event

10. If you are worried that your pet is taking a long time to recover from the firework festivities, speak to your vet.

For further information on how to prepare your pet for the firework season, please contact your vet or visit