Ever wanted advice about which meats have the lowest fat content? Or to know why red meat is naturally low in salt? If so, a dedicated advisory service from called Ask the Nutritionist could be the answer.
On the site you will find one of the country’s top nutritionists, Juliette Kellow, on hand to answer online questions about red meat and its role in a balanced diet.

Juliette says: “People feel bombarded with health information these days. So often they are not sure what information is correct and what is not – especially when it comes to a universally popular food like red meat.”

“There are so many choices to be made during the weekly shop, I hope that my advice will put people’s minds at rest and reassure consumers and health care professionals that they can make the right nutritional choices for both their families and their patients.” has been at the forefront of information for healthcare professionals and consumers for more than ten years. It produces a range of popular resources to improve health information including Getting the Balance Right, the Good Fat Guide and Nutrition for Nurses.

Juliette also recently edited’s Red Meateorite: blasting away the myths about red meat – which contains a series of quirky and serious facts about red meat, its history and current role in the diet.