Grace Dieu goes Multi Lingual!

Grace DieuInspired by Madame Tatton (Head of French), pupils at Grace Dieu had fun organising a variety of events through out the day all of which celebrated the cultural diversity of languages, food, and play. At registration, all children and staff chose a sticker to wear for the day, and each badge conveyed the greeting “hello” from many countries of the world.

Morning assembly was presented by year 7 children who shared all sorts of interesting facts about languages with the rest of the school. It was incredible to hear, for instance, that there are between 6000 and 7000 languages spoken in the world today and, of those 7000, only 225 were European roughly 3% of the world total. Assembly ended with an unusual twist as the whole school prayed the ‘Our Father’ in German!

Over the course of the day, children went on to enjoy inter-form quizzes, a game of Boules, French lessons and Russian.

Food also was very much a focus for the day, with morning break consisting of a fresh croissant and juice for everyone, and the school chef had posted the lunchtime menu in French to further emphasise the European theme of the day.

Even parents were involved and many were challenged to put their knowledge of Europe to the test with a separate quiz.