UK fashion website recruits crocodile wranglers to promote designer jeans

Lastseason.comUK fashion website has recruited crocodile wranglers from outback Australia to wrestle with crocodiles while wearing designer jeans.

Crocodile wranglers from Crocodylus Park in the Northern Territory of Australia will 'wear-in' the designer jeans for six weeks as they work with some of the most dangerous animals on the planet.

The jeans will then be auctioned online as the world's first 'crocodileproof' jeans with proceeds going towards wildlife conservation charities.

These incredible pictures show the wranglers wrestling with crocodiles while wearing designer jeans from was last month rated by The Times as one of the best online shopping sites. founder Stefano Passantino said:

“We wanted to try something different with how designer jeans are marketed and bring back that ‘Marlboro Man’ feel. We also wanted to do something unique that would add value to the jeans in a way that makes them extra special - getting crocodile wranglers to wrestle with crocs while wearing jeans seemed an inspired and yet obvious thing to do. I think people want to see real people doing extraordinary things instead of guys with gelled hair and strange fringe hair styles cavorting around in jeans in a way that ordinary

people just wouldn't do. We wanted to bring a bit of the bloke back into how we think about designer jeans.”

“The blokes from Crocodylus Park are the real deal, tough and hard as nails - modern day Crocodile Dundees. They all actually look good enough to be models, something we were completely surprised about when we approached Crocodylus Park to see if they might be interested in doing this.”

“I want to thank the management at Crocodylus Park for their sense of fun in doing this and we look forward to proceeds going towards conservation efforts and the sustainable management of crocodiles and other animals around the world.”