The Joy of Ponds

Clive Wheatby Clive Wheat - There have been many things in my life that have defeated me, but walking on water is not one of them.

This month I am going to talk about the joy of ponds in your garden.

Picture the scene, long hot summer nights, heady perfumed air and the gorgeous sounds of running water.

Apart from producing our own garden plants we also design and build pond systems, these setups are put together by Michael Wheat using only the finest materials and state of the art equipment.

Spending the right amount of money on your pond to start with can save you money.

Remember good advice is for free, but bad advice is expensive!

Do not be tempted by cheap pumps and filters, buy the right kit the first time around.

A decent pump with low wattage, like Oases’ aquamax 8000 use’s 80w of power where as an equivalent cheaper pump might use 200w of power. 1w is equivalent to £1 a year.

Having a pond can seem daunting, but with the correct advice keeping your pond clear and safe for fish is easily achievable.

Planting your pond with bulrushes and lilies is not the limit to pond plants.There are many varieties available.

The Oenanthe javanica ‘flamingo’ is a fantastic marginal which is full of foliage colour.

Juncus is a very interesting plant and gives a great reflection on the pond surface.

Lillie’s give good cover for fish and help keep blanket weed away as they stop light getting to the pond and take out nutrients that blanket weed need to survive.

For the safety minded, you can fit a strong mesh that lies just below the ponds surface, rendering it completely safe for families with small children.

Yes we can walk on water!