Recycled charms

As the saying goes 'one persons rubbish is another persons treasure' and this is certainly the case for the recycled jewellery collections available from Hannah Zakari online. The collections were designed by Eclectic Shock, Kirsty Kirkpatrick and Pequitobun, using hand picked vintage pieces which had been thoughtfully reinvented as unique and exciting pieces of jewellery. Wearing these quirky creations you would be bound to ignite jealous glances.

This kind of quality and uniqueness is only obtained by using geniuine vintage pieces, which are selected from antique fairs, car-boot sales, end-of-lines and vintage finds, which are then later puzzled together to produce such stunning masterpieces.

Yet the resourcefulness of the designers dosen’t stop there, with Kirsty Kirkpatrick saying she even used wood from: 'desk draws, wine boxes, chairs and vegetable crates binned out in the street'. And it’s not just sourcing and selecting the individual pieces that’s tricky, but also combining them. According to Louise from Eclectic Shock, the hardest part is: ‘getting the combintions just right.’ Louise recycles the jewellery by taking the backs of pieces, adding fastenings and adapting them. One of the most crucuial elements to making the jewellery is to have enough vintage items to choose from to ensure the perfect combination.

Another beautiful part of the jewellery is also how they capture the idea of sustainability and recycling, which is important to all the designers. Sherry from Pequitobun says that: 'combining the ethos of recycling with the sustainability of quality durable materials, wrapped in thoughtful, detailed and always distinctive design’ is absolutely central to her work. These concepts are all key to creating the pieces, however, Louise from Eclectic Shock simply loves the treasure hunting involved. And you can see from her pieces, that the pocket-watches and zebras were not easy finds.

Even better still, the collections are available at just a pinch,ranging from only £10 to £100 from