Did they land... What do you think?

Vague details recently emerged of an event that took place near the city of Tokushima on Shikoku Island in the Southern part of Japan last year.

Apparently, in the early evening of July 16 last year a small technological object or UFO was seen losing control and hurtling to earth. Upon impact a loud explosion was heard and smoke and fire were seen coming from the spot. Numerous witnesses, both on the ground and in nearby planes, saw the craft descend. One witness alleges the craft shaved a nearby bridge prior to crashing. The Japanese Defence Ministry initially confirmed that it could not identify the craft.

Shortly after the crash the whole area swarmed with rescue squads and ground crews. Locals also noted numerous very low-flying military type planes in the skies above area shortly afterwards.

The impact spot was sealed off and after initial reports of the event and panic amongst locals, the incident was hushed up and blacked-out by the media.

It is extremely difficult to find any articles on the topic that haven't been removed from the internet. However, there are various postings on the Japanese UFO forums and the many remnant trails of old articles so obviously the story remains rather clouded.

Japanese UFO enthusiasts are convinced that an alien or extraterrestrial UFO was carted away from the scene and numerous proofs of this are being put forward including power failures in the area at the time. Some are suggesting that Aliens were taken from the area as well.

No doubt the question will be asked for a long time: Did a UFO crash in Japan last year and why was the whole incident so hushed up?