Storybook weddings limited at Belvoir Castle

Storybook weddings at Belvoir CastleWe were Delighted to be asked to photograph the wedding of Leigh & Chris at Belvoir Castle, in Grantham. It was an absolutely fantastic day, Leigh, the bride, chose a very elegant gown, and had two pairs of designer shoes! Would she Storybook Weddings Limited at Belvoir Castlewear the 'Gina' pair or the 'Christian Laboutin' pair? In fact, she had quite a designer shoe fetish, as it materialised during the speeches! I do recall 27 pairs had been purchased in the four years since she had known Chris, the Groom!

Every detail had been very well thought about, the music, the flowers and table decorations. During the civil ceremony, which was held in the Guards Room, with its' huge high ceilings, the string quartet, Arioso played beautiful background music. The couple took their marriage vows in front of 110 guests who all enjoyed the surroundings of this grand Castle. A Champagne drinks reception continued in the Rose Garden, with delicious looking canapes, beautiful, stunning, what more can I say..... Again, with the backdrop of the castle and music by Arioso, a perfect setting on this sunny day.

We had the pleasure of taking the couple around the grounds of the Castle for some special portraits of just the two of them. Firstly, around the Rose Garden, then onto the Battlements, and finally, inside the Castle itself - there are a few rooms where only the Bride and Groom and photographers are aloud to go... very special and beautiful images. The day continued with a Blessing within the Castles Chapel, accompanied by a Gospel Choir - my goodness, talk about goose-bumps. Truly mind blowing.

Storybook weddings at Belvoir Castle
Storybook weddings at Belvoir CastleThey were absolutely amazing, one ceremony I will never forget. Then it was onto the State Dining Room, where it was decorated with the'Wow'Factor - the beautiful flowers, cake and attention to detail, really something to be seen. The guests made their way into the dining room, followed by the new Mr & Mrs Bennett with rapturous applause... A Storybook Weddings Limited at Belvoir Castlesumptuous meal followed by hilarious speeches and yet more champagne, about took us half way there! After dinner, the guests were treated yet again to more champagne back in the rose garden, this time accompanied by a Steel Band - Caribbean themed evening; and it was warm!.... The evening had a lovely 'holiday' feel to it, very relaxed and much fun. By the time it was getting dark, everyone was invited back into the castle where the first dance was about to take place inside the "Old Kitchen" - More opportunities for yet more great pictures. And that's not all. After the dancing was underway, we were all treated to a 'Hog Roast' - Well, you could not keep me away from the queue! It was very tasty and very well earned! Well, the evening was completed and went off with a bang, by the most amazing Musical Firework display I have ever seen.

I am truly delighted to be in this industry, where dreams come true and everyone, well mostly, is happy and in love! Long may it continue....

It never ceases to amaze me, after shooting well over 400 weddings in my career, they seem to get better and bigger every year - Recession, what recession?

Jo Pickering
Storybook Weddings Limited