Thinking outside the Eee Box - ASUS launch high definition Eee Box 1501 PC

Unveiled recently at an ASUS event in London, the Eee Box 1501 gives everyone a reason to stay in on the cold winter nights by challenging what a traditional home entertainment system can bring.

Offering a versatile means of enjoying full 1080p high definition content on bigger screens, the 1.5L sized Eee Box 1501 is one of the world’s smallest desktop PCs to feature a slot-load optical disc drive and a dedicated graphics chip. Bringing a neat solution to space-saving conundrums, it can stand elegantly in an upright ‘diamond’ form or be mounted on the back of a monitor.

With superb green credentials (up to 70% power reductions compared with traditional PCs) it is a substantially economic computing and media option for living rooms large and small – with a tiny price tag to match it’s footprint at just £339 SRP inc. VAT from a range of retailers including and