Causing a commotion in the Indian Ocean

Move over the Maldives and Mauritius… there is a new player in Indian Ocean luxury and it’s coming in the form of a rather unique Mozambique.

A slender coral island just off Mozambique's remote northern coast, Vamizi Island is part of the Quirimbas Archipelago, sometimes called the new Maldives.

Immersed as it is in the Indian Ocean, Vamizi is easier to reach than you might think, considering how castaway it is - and with miles of deserted coastline and a tropical ocean to cross, it’s all part of the adventure.

Something of a hidden gem, this sparkling coastline has only been visited so far by ‘those in the know’. Powder white sands and azure blue seas abound, but this time it’s less manicured, more remote feeling, and even a little adventurous.

What this new Indian Ocean alternative is offering is summed up by incredible Vamizi Island. Billowing white muslins drape enormous beds, the gentle sea breeze whispers through pretty latticed windows and vast decks surround Robinson Crusoe villas scattered with deep sofas, colonial style chairs and cushion covered day beds...

The beaches are your own, the diving is to die for, deep sea fishing is unrivalled and the privacy is quite spectacular.

No rows of over water bungalows or ‘carefully hidden’ neighbours at Vamizi Island... the villas are 70 metres apart, absolutely private and with the company of weaver birds working over head and monkeys gamboling in front of your villa you will never feel lonely.

Vamizi Island, like most luxury African lodges is also fully inclusive except for scuba diving and deep sea fishing, so unlike other Indian Ocean destinations you will not face an extras bill at the end of your holiday.

So if you are looking for Indian Ocean luxury, beaches and seas, a two hour time change, no extras bill and something a little different look no further than magical Mozambique.


You can connect from South Africa, Mozambique or Tanzania easily within a day, with direct international flights from Europe on British Airways, KLM, Swiss and Kenya Airways and the journey has been smoothed by the way of scheduling private Vamizi flights, which take you straight from Pemba (Mozambique) or Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) to the Vamizi Island airstrip.

From there, depending on the sea conditions, you’ll be taken on a speed boat just fifteen minutes to the lodge, or alternatively in a “Islandrover” – an open 4x4 landrover that tracks over the rough coral spine of the island and takes a bumpy, but steady forty five minutes to the lodge.

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