Unique versatile! The Mazda5

This beautiful Shaped car/ bus/ troop carrier/ lorry fits all four categories, that would be the Mazda5. The New Mazda5 Takara and Furano models replace the previous TS2 and Sport. This family car for its size, is so easy to handle it drives like a dream. It may look big, but when you take it for a drive it handles effortlessly.

What do I like about this new Mazda5?

Well, it’s full of gadgets that one expects should be included in a quality vehicle- such as, air conditioning and a hands free kit with integrated blue tooth. I especially like the steering mounted audio controls, the quad stereo system and the second row outer arm rests and the doors are cool too, with their electric sliding motion.

Mazda5I like the configuration of the seating, they fold and turn a bit like a rubiks cube, cleverly turning from a three seater to a double seat, folding in which allows room for my drinks and space for my laptop / game console. There’s also an auxiliary jack for connecting MP3 players, what a good idea that is, especially if you have young children- teenagers or even a gaggle of computer nerds! A long haul drive is less daunting when you can keep them occupied! This seven seater motor has just about everything but an ice-cream machine in here.

With Mazdas legendary reliability do I need to go on about the torque and low emmissions and breaking ability?

The plus is it’s totally affordable on Trinity’s fantastic financial packages, just give the sales team a call on 01455 622 220

Philip Duval