Facebook Phenomenon set to continue?

One late Sunday. So I admit it this article took surprisingly more time than expected, why? Well I began my first hours 'browsing' what face book had to offer. Convincing myself, it was only to see if someone needed to contact me. But ended up looking through photo's of the night before. Admittedly a face book user, I believe that face book was an initiative creation, so that we could keep in touch with friends, remember birthdays, and organise events. I began conducting research into the role of face book on people's lives, it became apparent that the morning had been a waste of time.

So to begin with. What is face book?

FacebookOriginally created by American born Harvard student Mark Zuckerbeurg, in 2003 created initially as a school project, it eventually developed into the worlds biggest social networking site and second most visited site in the world. The website creates a net profit of 1.5 billion, and in February 2010 celebrated having 400 million active users. Users can add people as friends and send them messages and update their personal profiles, to notify their friends about themselves.

Anyone aged thirteen or above can create a facebook profile. People praise facebook for its infinitive design, business strategy, and the information it holds. Whether that be a good or bad thing. Facebook is wildly used as a 'social network calender' where people can be reminded of friends, and colleagues birthdays, and organise that festive party at the end of each year.

Facebook has many beneficial factors, but as we all know they do still carry some risks, and have met with controversy- being banned from such countries, like China and Vietnam, as well as many others. Boss's also get 'hacked off', due to employees negligence of their work, which has lead to it being banned in many places of work.

In December of 2009 facebook changed its privacy settings meaning that anyone could see a users personal information unless, the user changed their privacy settings back this meant that non-friends could see, personal information and pictures. Many people were not aware of this change. It became apparent that privacy had become an issue and this had been compromised several times. It had also become apparent that facebook could create unrealistic relationships, and generally make people statistically less sociable.

In the past five years it has changed the way we live our lives and psychologists worry that soon we may live a certain amount of our lives through facebook. But despite this fact in the headlines all you generally hear about is 'who the user talks to,' a growing problem, is personal information being hacked. And users would be very surprised to know how easy it actually is.

Facebook is admittedly a great way to keep up with friends and a reminder for all social events, used carefully, a great creation, and despite the controversy facebook still remains to be the most secure of the social networking sites. But users must be careful what information they display, so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, with both good or bad publicity the Facebook phenomenon is set to continue.