Buy British when it comes to biofuel, says CLA

Buy British when it comes to biofuel, says CLAThe country land and business association (CLA) has urged the government to guarantee biofuels imported from outside the uk meet the high environmental standards demanded from inside the UK.

The association’s plea follows claims from the renewable fuels agency (rfa) that more than three quarters of biofuels used in the uK meet no environmental standards whatsoever. however, three quarters of home-grown biofuels have delivered greenhouse gas savings of at least 44 percent against fossil fuels.

in addition, research by the independent institute for european environmental policy (ieep) reveals some european countries have chosen to meet eu renewable energy targets by importing so-called first generation biofuels from african countries or from indonesia and Brazil.

henry robinson, vice-president of the CLa, said: "home-grown in the uK biofuels are best but we have worked closely with the government and the rfa to ensure imported biofuels are meeting the high standards that are in the uK. There is currently a voluntary reporting system but this is clearly not working.

"most biofuels can be traced in small quantities in conventional fuels, but the big oil companies say they don't know where their biofuel is coming from so they don't report it. if those companies can't prove the source is not from a recently decimated rainforest, motorists in the uK should not be expected to subsidise the imports. in the meantime, the CLa encourages buying British when it comes to biofuel."