Leicester's independent Hip-Hop and R'N'B star launches for the sky

Lil' JethLil' Jeth, is a young British-Filipino Hip-Hop and R'n'B artist based in Leicester who works on his craft solely independently. Since he wasn't born in the United Kingdom, Lil' Jeth has found little support and was lacking the connections to work on his material. Despite these obstructions, his passion for music and specially to his genre kept him within it.

This young artist only had his pen and his pad to write his songs with. Like many of the young artists of today, it was a struggle to find a place where he could record his songs and hiring a studio wasn’t an option due to the amount of time and money he would be spending recording his songs. Faced with this financial set back, he used the small amount of money he had managed to save and along with some help from his parents he bought himself some basic equipment so that he could work on his recordings at home.

He spent weeks and months learning independently about music production whilst still in school. Eventually and with perseverance, he learned enough about music production to start producing himself. It was a struggle initially to find an audience for his first recordings. He decided to take a step back and watch other artists and companies for a while. When he felt that he had enough knowledge about how the business and promotion world worked, he decided it was time to start recording again.

Lil' Jeth managed to compile two mixtapes with about 15 songs on each. He took advantage of the power of the internet and he uploaded his mixtapes to websites such as youtube and myspace. He tried different tactics and ideas to promote himself on line, using his gained knowledge to attract an audience. After the long and hard promoting this artist had done, he saw that people across the globe were beginning to listen to his music. He was receiving positive feedback from countries such as France, Canada, Australia, United States and from other parts of the world. His youtube videos received thousands of views just weeks after they were uploaded and his mixtapes were downloaded in their thousands.

Lil' JethHe had progressed enough that he felt like he had to move up the ladder and give his audiences an increased and better production. He researched into giving his songs more visual - to make music videos for them. This brought him back to the initial problem he had with recording his songs. He didn't have a director, a writer, a video editor and the equipment that was needed to produce a music video. He thought about hiring a company to make his video for him, but this would cost him thousands of pounds for a single project and he would have to cut down the budget for his other music projects. This was not an option for him. Lil' Jeth didn't want to be stuck in the same situation, so yet again he decided to make and learn everything himself. He read books, watched videos, researched about video directing, techniques and the fundamentals of video production. He looked closely at other people's work, how they wrote their scripts, created their storyboard, lighting techniques and he also watched behind the scenes of other movies and videos.

Lil' Jeth was confident of what he had learned and he felt that he was ready to tackle video production. He bought himself some basic equipment with the little budget he had. Within a week, Lil' Jeth went out and shot his first music video which was directed, written, edited, and produced by himself. The video received some amazing feedback from his listeners and got thousands of views on youtube. He continued filming making more videos for his other songs.

After Lil' Jeth had produced three music videos for his mixtape, he then worked on his debut album. He released his album on December 20th 2010 which was titled “It's Jeth”. Lil' Jeth handled all the marketing and distribution for this album and it is now available on more than 30 online shops and can also be found on major on-line retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. He also manages his own official website the design and art.

The experience he had and the portfolio he has built never fails to impress companies and colleges or universities he applies to.

This Independent artist has shown great persistance and dedication that every unsigned and independent artist should have. An artist shouldn't just be binded into one particular art. A real artist is creative and would use his knowledge and creativity to turn nothing into something. This is important specially with the fast changing industries of today.

An artist should be able to adapt to break his limit. Whether you are a performer, writer, director, producer or all of it!

To find out more about Lil' Jeth or if you want to show support to this artist,
you can do so by visiting his official website at: www.liljeth.com