New regulations mean cost savings on swimming pools

British inventor and entrepreneur, Nigel Rose, lobbied tirelessly for a change to the building regulations.

Thanks to Nigel, since last year it has been illegal to build a pool in Britain without the walls and floor of the basin being insulated to the same degree as that required for walls and lofts in buildings. From 2013 this regulation will be extended to outdoor pools.

Contrary to what it appears, explains Nigel, the insulation regulation does not add to the cost of being a pool owner; instead, efficient insulation will save a small fortune in heating bills.

“In the height of a warm summer a properly insulated pool with a thermal cover can be comfortably used without any heating at all,” says Nigel, founder and CEO of Thermapool, the patented pool insulation system he developed which stops up to 86% of the pool heat from dissipating into the surrounding ground. (The heat that does still escape does so unavoidably from the surface).

“This amounts to a financial saving over ten years on heating the average domestic pool of between £13,000 and £30,000.” Nigel explained that he developed Thermapool through a long process of research, trial and error and came up with a system which goes inside a swimming pool structure, isolating all the water from the structure and surrounding ground, making it 50% more efficient than competing external insulation systems. It is incorporated during the construction process, or can be fitted to existing pools.

The cost of installing Thermapool can be recouped within the first year of being “in the swim”.

Nigel explains that Thermapool is the only insulation system accredited within the CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Programme) scheme, and therefore generous energy efficiency grants are available towards the installation cost.

“Apart from the cost saving, benefits include a sharp reduction in carbon emissions,” said Nigel.

All in all, he says, there has never been a better time to splash out on your own pool.