Shackleton energy proposes to be the first company to mine the moon

Shackleton energy proposes to be the first company to mine the moonFounded in 2007, with the goal of preparing the technology and equipment to successfully mine the moon, Shackleton Energy Company has recently begun the process of a fundraising campaign to enable them to establish the world’s first operational lunar base and propellant depot business in space by 2020. Joining forces with RocketHub, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms, SEC seeks to raise the initial seed capital necessary to complete its top level planning in order to then secure the first major round of investment capital necessary to complete preliminary designs of all system elements.

This comes in the footsteps of recent amazing new discoveries of huge deposits of propellant-feedstock ice on the Moon by NASA and other international space programs.

“SEC has formed its team from the best of the aerospace, mining, exploration, business and legal sectors. This is an undertaking that will challenge the best of us in the spirit of great explorers and industrialists of the past. We know what and how to do it and, crucially, have the team to do it. We will leverage the lessons learned from Government-sponsored space programs to the maximum. After a phase of robotic prospecting, our crews will establish the infrastructure in space and basecamps in the lunar polar crater regions to supervise industrial machinery for mining, processing and transporting lunar products to market in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and beyond. It is essential that we seize this opportunity now to provide low cost propellants in space as a means to jumpstart the new space economy,“ said Dr. Bill Stone, SEC’s Chairman.

Image credit: James Canavan