Unplug your electical devices to save £134 a year

Unplug your electical devices to save £134 a yearOvercharging gadgets such as computers, mobile phones and laptops, is adding to consumers energy bills.

Worried about running out of power when you leave the house? This is one of the reasons we leave our gadgets to overcharge, others are just too lazy to unplug even though it is draining the household budget.

Nine in ten owners keep some of their gadgets permanently charging, oblivious of the damage it could be causing, according to the study for energy firm E.ON.

Overcharging batteries reduces their lifespan and increases household electricity bills by an average of £60 a year.

But a quarter of us wrongly assume that constantly charging our gadgets keeps them working properly. The most overcharged devices are laptop computers, mobile phones and iPods at 43%, 41% and 10% respectively, the study found. Other household devices overcharged are toothbrushes, hand-held vacuum cleaners and cordless landline phones.

Polyanna Woodward, a presenter on Channel 5's 'The Gadget Show', said: “There is clearly a lot of confusion about what's good for our electronics and it is astonishing that 90% of people overcharge their gadgets.

“Overcharging not only reduces the lifespan of your batteries, it also prevents people from making easy savings on their energy bill.”

Approximate Charging times:

Mobile phone – 2 hours;

Laptop with express charge – 2 hours;
Hand-held vacuum cleaner – 3 1/2 hours;
MP3 player – 4 hours
Digital camera – 2 hours.