Fields of Dreams, Pt. 2: build it and they will come

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About 18 months ago I wrote a story entitled 'Fields of Dreams' This is a staggering real life story of true grit and sheer determination, enduring many trials and tribulations and set backs along the way, Nick has made their dreams become reality by finishing this superb new golf course. I have recently been back to finish the story...

Not being a golfer myself it all seemed a bit strange, but the one thing I can really appreciate about this course when walking the holes is the serene and quiet atmosphere. you could hear nothing but the flap of a butterflies wings!! The saying 'golf is a good walk spoiled' could not be further from the truth, the spectacular views are breathtaking. So much attention to detail here, including encouraging wildlife, trees planted in abundance many natural features too including streams and ponds.

Paul Broadhurst and Peter Baker
I asked golfers on the course for their views and received comments such as “fantastic” “brilliant” “excellent.” For golfers their enthusiasm is surprising, as they are usually quite sedate. A pro I talked to about what he liked best said “It’s so different every time you play, the way it is set up, what I like is you don't play into people, in fact you hardly bump into other golfers!” This is mainly due to the landscaped theme which helps to maximise seclusion.

Nick has played on some of the worlds best courses from St Andrews to Palm Springs and as far afield as Asia. He has taken design thoughts from the best courses and put them in to ‘Kyngs Golf’ in Market Bosworth - imagine playing some of the finest holes found right here on your doorstep and you don't even have to take your passport!

By the reaction from the golfers I interviewed Nick has definitelygot the thumbs up, he has made a spiffing course a definite winner. He always believed once completed it will be a big thing for the County. He must be thinking big - it’s already got its own heliport and would you Adam and Eve it, next door is a landing strip alongside the course!!. Great for high rollers who want to drop in and try their hand.

Corporate Guests enjoying hospitality in the marquee
A successful open day held recently featuring Ryder Cup players Peter Baker who commented “A great variation of holes, challenging and demanding - I thoroughly enjoyed it” and Paul Broadhurst who stated. “Tough course for the second shot with the emphasis on accuracy - very challenging” Also held was an exhibition match from ladies professionals Kym Larratt who commented. “Couldn't wait to come and play this course again” and the view from Sahra Hassan was that “This course will be capable of staging major events in the future. It's great!!” Fine praise indeed!

This truly deserves to be a premier magnet for golfers, this is a credit to the county, bringing people in to this beautiful country town could prove to be a great economic asset.

Nice to see Nick now smiling again, future plans include a three storey luxury club house, virtual reality indoor golf, toning and relaxing suite plus catering facilities and the ever important 19th hole!

The Course is in it's growing in phase and the playing conditions will improve throughout the year as the Course matures.

Nick would like to extend his thanks to ‘Farol’ who provided the Super grass cutting equipment for the course.

Paul Ward