Britain’s leading jackass site has its sights set on a global mission

Britain's leading jackass site has its sights set on a global missionAfter four years in the making the wicked challenge site has grown up into a very naughty boy, with thousands of missions completed in the name of the good, the bad and the charitable. Out-pranking the original, big brother Bragster site (which folded in 2010) the British jackass-style imissionyou (imy) is now attracting hundreds of new followers and is in contact with a major drinks and sports company.

The brains behind - entrepreneur, founder and CEO 37-year-old Matt Green, has ingeniously ramped up the followers and major advertising interest in recent months, since first dreaming up the hair-brained idea on his home computer.

“The revamped imissionyou site has been put through one of its toughest missions yet, as we’ve upgraded and overhauled every aspect of the site, using all the latest state-of-the-art technology and the coolest, cutting edge advancements in social media,” said Green. “Now the ambition is to have the profile on every mobile phone, tablet and laptop both here in the UK and globally. Because we are thinking big, we are starting to attract some really big interest – both leading brands who can see the potential through

ponsorship, advertising and competitions, as well as a steady stream of new missionees who all want to be part of the action on the upgraded site.”

In the last 12 months alone Green has cranked up the success of the site by bringing Darren ‘Crank’ Parsons (one of the original Bragster team members) on board together with an affiliated professional stunt film crew.

Britain's leading jackass site has its sights set on a global mission
The site now benefits from imyTV which showcases the best footage from missionees including ‘Best of the Best’ stunts and pranks. Green sees this as one of the most exciting areas of commercial potential and hopes to stream content 24/7 by the end of 2013, with live coverage of some missions being planned.

At the heart of the imy revolution and growing popularity of the site, Green believes, is its unique mission theme and points system. Whilst other sites have a dare culture, and base their points by rating how ‘cool’ a dare is, imy is focussed on the completion of missions, which has greatly improved missionee interactivity and involvement.

The site has also seen the addition of the imissionyou store ( featuring T-shirts and hoodies carrying the official mascot – Loki The Mischief of Missions. Loki first came to life during London 2012 there are plans to take the very blue mascot on an imy Road Show to student campuses during 2013.

Just as the brand has reached a very respectable four years old, the now father of two small children, has put responsible mission categories and charity fundraising at the forefront of the site. Green explains that there are eight mission categories including ‘charity’ and “plenty of good, clean fun” with ‘skits’ (drama) and ‘sport’, whilst the under 18s are automatically blocked from the 18+ ‘jackass’ category and teenagers under 16 are banned from using the site altogether.

Green added: “Our team constantly monitors the site to keep it clean. As well as the mad brained and bazaar, we have put a big emphasis on doing missions for charity and getting young people to be creative. Although imy inevitable appeals to the 18 to30s, we want to see families and even grandparents taking up the challenge. There’s something for everyone and you are never too old to become a missionee!”

So what is Green’s mission for 2013?

“When we sign on the dotted line with one of the major brands we are in contact with and hit 100,000 regular missionees it really will be ‘mission accomplished’ for me.”