Moosa- Duke Solicitors 10th Anniversary Celebrations at the Ritz

For 10 years Mehmooda Duke defended doctors, dentists, hospitals and healthcare professionals. In 2002, whilst she was an associate at national firm Browne Jacobson, she had her ‘lightbulb’ moment and decided that the time had come to act for victims of medical negligence.

Moosa- Duke Solicitors 10th Anniversary Celebrations at the Ritz
Mehmooda Duke moved from London to Leicester in December 2002 and on 12 May 2003 she opened the doors to Moosa-Duke Solicitors. She started on her own with a laptop in a rented flat on London Rd. She had not a single client and no-one knew that she was there. She knew barely anyone in Leicester. However, 10 years on, Moosa-Duke Solicitors has become the only firm in Leicestershire which specialises exclusively in medical negligence claims. Over the last 10 years Moosa-Duke Solicitors have recovered significant sums of money in compensation for their clients.

The team of 8 celebrated with ‘Afternoon Tea’ at the Ritz in London on Saturday 11 May 2013.

Moosa-Duke Solicitors can help anyone who thinks that they may have a claim against a doctor, dentist, hospital or any healthcare professional (be that private or the NHS).

To find out if you have a claim which is worth pursuing, call Moosa-Duke Solicitors on 0116 254 7456 for initial free advice.

Image: Kiran Gosal, Aliyah Moosa, Alpa Rana, Catherine Leong, Krishna Kotecha, Mehmooda Duke, Mohammad Abdullah and Maryam Gaffar