Wildflowers create a riot of colour at the Eden Project

The Eden’s Project’s outdoor wildflower display is bursting with colour following the recent spell of sunny weather.
The pictorial meadow wildflowers, shown being tended to by Eden Horticulturist Tiana Doht, include a mixture of delicate Shirley poppies (Pavader rhoeas)  and Californian poppies (Eschscholzia californica), vibrant Larkspur (Delphinium ajacis) and Fairy Toadflax  (Linaria maroccana.)

Wildflowers create a riot of colour at the Eden Project
Eden’s outdoor gardens are crammed full of colourful planting while inside, the Rainforest Biome is currently home to a kaleidoscope of tropical butterflies, with the chance to see varieties such as the giant Blue Morpho and the striking Emerald Swallowtail emerging from their chrysalises in special butterfly incubators in the Bamboo hut.
Other summer activities include ever popular den building, family trails, butterfly-themed artwork and a frenetic game called Be the Bee, where children can assume the role of a bee by making their own costume before taking to the Eden site delivering “pollen” to special plants where they can collect “nectar”.
For more information on the Eden Project, go to: www.edenproject.com