Current Trends by Laura Bellamy - Wool, A Winter Warmer!

Current Trends by Laura Bellamy - Wool, A Winter Warmer!As the nights are drawing in we want to feel warmth and comfort within our homes. Brookside Carpets & Curtains have the answer, "Wool".

This amazing Eco-Friendly fibre has many benefits which we can use to decorate our homes. Wool can be made into carpets, rugs and fabric for blinds, curtains and upholstery.

Natural & Renewable - this truly 'green fibre', mainly from British sheep is sustainable as the sheep produce annually. Fire retardant - Wool doesn’t catch fire, so have peace of mind when using it in your home.

Biodegradable - Wool only takes a few years to decompose. Durable - The fibres can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still have the power to recover and return to its natural shape. Top quality wool stays looking better for longer and can withstand heavy pressure and footfall so it’s a great investment.

Insulating - Ideal for windows and floors in a draughty home so save money on expensive heating bills! Easy care - Wool cleans easily because dirt sits on the surface of the fibre and with its many layers, dirt easily brushes off. Its natural oils also respond well to cleaning. Ideal around the home - Wool has anti allergens so it’s ideal for asthma sufferers.

Britain produces some of the best carpet wool in the world so help maintain our economy by buying British. Come into our store and see our extensive range of carpets and fabrics and our designers will help you to put your beautiful "Winter Warmer" scheme together.