Choosing The Correct Radiator For Your Home

When it comes to choosing a radiator or towel warmer, design is now equally as important as performance. You can find the latest, on-trend models set to make a statement in any bathroom, kitchen or living space from brands such as Bisque, Zehnder, Aeon and Ultraheat.

A radiator or towel warmer is far more than a functional addition in the home. These products now act as a focal point within an interior design scheme and should grab your attention as soon as you enter a room.

Choosing The Correct Radiator For Your Home

Many homeowners make their purchasing decision based purely on the way in which a radiator or towel warmer looks - style is important but you need to ensure it is going to provide all the heat output you need, especially as the weather gets cooler.

Tips when choosing a radiator or towel warmer:

1. Use a BTU calculator to find out the heat output needed to effectively heat the space you are catering for. The calculation will be based upon the size of the room, the type of room and whether the property is double-glazed.

2. It is also important to take into consideration how many external walls there are and the insulation in place. The BTU calculator may not account for this.

3. Check that the product you choose is compatible with your water system. If you have a direct system, opt for a stainless steel or brass option that won’t rust.

4. There are three different types of towel warmer to choose from - those that work with your central heating, electric only that can be used all year round independently of the central heating and dual fuel, which operates on electric during the summer and the central heating in the winter. Choose a model that best suits your lifestyle.

5. Don’t expect a towel warmer to effectively heat the entire bathroom as it is only designed to warm and dry towels. You will probably need to install an additional radiator or underfloor heating for a luxury touch.

6. Ensure that the finish you choose complements the other fixtures and fittings in place. If you have chrome brassware, don’t opt for a towel warmer in antique gold.

7. Always ensure that your installer chases the pipework into the walls as much as possible to avoid unsightly pipes coming from the floor.