The Story of Leicester

The Story of LeicesterAn incredible account of Leicester’s impact on global history by Siobhan Begley

Since its conception by Romans settlers around 2000 years ago the city of Leicester has played a major role in British and global history. Siobhan Begley’s The Story of Leicester unravels the city’s wonderful history and explores its wider impact on global events.

Discover the city’s growing importance through history. From Medieval Leicester and the creation of its famous abbey by the 2nd Earl of Leicester in the 12th century, to the economic struggles of the Georgian period, and the booming prosperity and unprecedented growth of the Industrial period.

  • The complete story of Leicester told in an accessible and engaging manner
  • Traces the early development of the city right through to modern day discoveries such as Richard III - the ‘King in the Car Park’
  • Each period of history is beautifully illustrated using original images

The author Siobhan Begley is an associate of the Centre for Urban History and also a teacher of English for Academic Purposes. Siobhan was an undergraduate at Leicester in the 1970s, and her interest in and love of the city dates from that time. She recently completed a PhD at the Centre for Urban History at the University of Leicester. This is Siobhan’s first book.

ISBN: 9781860776953 Price: £17.99 Paperback Original