Leading Nutritionist Warns of The Dangers of Sugar on The Nations Fertility

Dr Melanie Brown expert fertility nutritionist at The Harley Street Fertility Clinic (HSFC) said that excess sugar in the diet can affect both men and women’s ability to conceive.

Despite the white stuff recently hitting the headlines as a weight gain culprit, not enough is known about the additional side-effects sugar can cause. Overweight men may struggle to conceive because the fat stored round their tummy is full of oestrogen which massively lowers sperm count. For women, too much fat around the stomach plays havoc with hormones and the menstrual cycle, making the body “out of sync”. Although, having a little fat stored around the stomach is perfectly natural for women, those with a curvaceous apple shape have a higher risk of too much weight settling around the stomach and therefore have to be extra vigilant with sugar intake. Dr Melanie Brown comments; “Having an unbalanced BMI is often a key reason why couples are struggling to have children.

Leading Nutritionist Warns of The Dangers of Sugar on The Nations Fertility
The sensible approach to adopt to improve your health is the 80/20 rule (80% good/20% ‘naughty’). Humans are naturally programed to crave sugar and really the only way to ‘normalise’ your relationship with sugar is to stop eating it for a while. Dr Melanie Brown adds; “It takes three weeks to alter and re-programme your taste buds so have patience when weaning yourself off sugar.”

However, the HSFC nutritionist believes hidden sugars are making it difficult for people to keep a track of their consumption levels. Products such as granola, breakfast bars and fruit juice have lethal amounts of sugar added to them despite being marketed as “healthy”. Dr Brown believes there are ways of lowering your sugar intake by making a few tweaks to your daily regime.

Top Tips For Sugar Addicts

1) Replace biscuits with an oatcake and organic peanut butter.
2) Avoid white bread, white pasta etc. and replace with wholemeal and spelt substitutes as they don’t spike up your sugar levels.
3) Throw out products labelled “low fat” and “diet”. They are full of hidden sweeteners and additives.
4) Stop actively adding sugar to your food.
5) Swap fizzy drinks for sparkling mineral water- one can of coke contains over 6 table spoons of sugar.
6) Fruit juices and smoothies are full of sugar - swap for a herbal tea for a fruity solution.
7) For your weekly tipple, wine is notoriously full of sugar, shake things up a bit with a soda vodka with a twist of lime.
8) Switch dried fruit for real fruit or nuts. Walnuts are packed with fertility friendly nutrients.