Happy 100 editions! Here's to 100 more!

Coming of age with 21 years of publishing and reaching the 100th edition of Countryside La Vie is no mean feat, especially as the world continues to change, the country has seen both boom and bust and technology has changed the way we live our lives right down to how we receive our news – so it makes me smile to know the good people of Leicestershire still enjoy to sit down with a nice cup of tea to flick through Countryside La Vie.

Being part of a farming family with well over 100 years experience, we have seen many changes and know we will continue to do so. The technology we have on farms today baffles Dad, so just imagine how it compares to The Mounts that were farming at the beginning of the 19th Century? Only eating fruit and vegetables that were in season, ploughing by hand, using actual horse-power not souped up engines containing horse power.

Happy 100 editions! Here's to 100 more!
Don’t get me wrong, I am all for change and the advances made are incredible, but sometimes you can’t beat doing it the old fashioned way – like reading a magazine in the garden or curled up on your sofa, rather than looking at a screen or swiping a tablet, the smell of the print and glossy covers make that moment extra special

Recently we have been planting the brussels and although there are many new-fangled machines we could use we have an old plug planter where four people sit on the back and drop the brussel plants into moving wheels for them to be planted. The machinery is older than Dad and can still be fixed with a spanner rather than a computer, Mum and Fliss are roped in to take part and when you look back at that field having had the breeze on your face and fresh air in your lungs you just can’t beat the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction.

Having said all that if the weather remains as fabulous as it has been I will be very glad of the air conditioning in the combine – but still won’t listen to the radio so that I can hear the ground and any potential pitfalls – this is one step on from Dad who is happy to corn cart but has no intention of driving a machine with screens!!

Happy 100 editions! Here's to 100 more!
Twenty one years ago when Countryside La Vie were starting out on their road to one hundred I had just turned thirteen and made my decision to study agriculture and take on the family farm. I am really lucky as there haven’t been 10 days, let alone 100 when I have questioned my decision. What I didn’t know when making that decision was that it would involve me opening a shop, a coffee shop, taking on alpacas, goats and anything else the ladies in my life seem to fall in love with, or be writing

for Countryside La Vie – all of which have been an added extra pleasure.

To celebrate your 100 editions we have added some colour to our shop front and re-introduced ‘The Potting Shed’ so everyone can celebrate summers arrival with a bit of colour in their lives – we have come to the conclusion at Roots that if you have a garden and a copy of Countryside La Vie – you have all you need.

I best get back to the greatest job in the world - Farming

See you soon at Roots

George x