In the blink of an eye we are at Easter

Pancakes have been eaten, Yorkshire Pudding’s have risen, National Pie week has been and gone, all Mother’s were well and truly looked after and if your house is anything like ours, there should be Easter chocolate left but somehow it has all disappeared!

The first part of the year has flown by, and all sorts of things have been happening on the farm. On a snowy night in January we were lucky enough along with the 2002 Crew to hand over £3000 to LOROS, last years chosen charity. We also learnt that in the last twelve years the 2002 Crew have raised over £16,000 for various charities; this gave everyone a warm fuzzy feeling on a very cold night!

In The Blink of an Eye We Are At Easter
In the shop we have welcomed a new butcher, who is not only just like us in the sense his business is a family affair, with his wife and sons involved, he is all about ‘local’ and quality, with a small holding just down the road in South Croxton and one of his son’s involved in the abattoir process – so there is no animal that is not completely looked after from start to finish and you really can taste the love in the meat. Due to the locality we get fresh meat every day, so why not call in and meet or should we say ‘meat’ the butcher?

Due to working with the Food for Life Partnership and many local teachers we sent ourselves back to school and learnt about curriculums – as we know just how lucky we are in living on and from the land, we have held a number of school visits and there are plenty more in the diary. These trips involve feeding animals, planting seeds, learning about where foods come from, milking a wooden cow and a tractor ride. I am incredibly proud

that when the children were asked the question, what is their best bit of the trip, most of them say my tractor ride – well after their packed lunch – but that was always my favourite bit of a school trip too! I have to admit as we wave the bus away I am ready for a cup of tea and thankful there are some amazing people out there who want to teach – children are hard work!!!

In the blink of an eye we are at EasterNow as I see the first snowdrops appear and realise not as many layers are needed I have a spring in my step, as I know I will soon be spending most of my time on the land – not that I mind the wet weather and winter jobs, but I have to admit I am, just like my Dad happiest when the wheels of the tractors are turning and we are doing all we can on the land. In saying this I realise that as happy as I am, I spend a lot of time in fields with Mara (my dog) and the whir of an engine. By the time I get home I am starving and having not been around since the early hours do hope there is something scrummy for me to eat.

Although we do as mentioned in the last issue always make time to cook together my days now really revolve around food and I don’t even give a second thought to how that food gets into our fridge. So now we have our new butcher we have both meat and veg order forms, so you can tick and collect, rather than having to wander around the shop and think about all you need (which of course we encourage for those of you that have the time). You can decide at home what you want in the week, drop

in, e-mail, or phone in your orders and collect on the most convenient day or time for you. By helping devise this, I feel as though I have helped with a weekly task, can spend as long as I like on the farm and don’t feel at all guilty when I rock up covered in hay, straw, mud or oil for my tea.

Obviously we don’t stop there, there is plenty coming up at Roots...

May 17th – 23rd
This year our chosen charity is Alzheimer’s Society, and this week in May is Dementia Awareness Week. Some of the Roots family are currently dealing with family and friends suffering with this illness and we want to make sure we are spreading the word about the charity, and all that they do and also raise as much money as possible for them in the process.

May 18th – 24th
Is British tomato week, so this week if you are growing your own be proud and celebrate the humble yet incredibly tasty British tomato.

June Sat 13th – Sun 21st – National Picnic Week
So with the British weather being so reliable!! Why not plan a picnic this week, even if it is in your garden, watching your local cricket team, or just while walking the dog, you can’t beat eating outside.

You can never be too prepared...

Not that I want to wish the year away, but we have two very exciting dates for your diary towards the end of the year...

Roots Harvest Festival – in Conjunction with RABI September Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th
After the success of last years Harvest festival, we have planned another one that will run over two days, in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society and with the help of the lovely people at RABI. As well as local food and music, my favourite local beers and another competition after the success of last years welly decorating, we will also be having a harvest service on the Sunday at 3pm.

Get your Christmas gifts early this year at our Christmas Craft Market on Saturday 21st November. Santa will be visiting us for a whole weekend this year on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December, so get the dates in your diary so you don’t miss out.

Right it is no good I have spent far too much time in front of a screen and not enough time getting my hands dirty, so I am heading back to drilling, spraying and planting, but look forward as always to waving at you from a tractor or seeing you soon at Roots.

George x