Add S.O.U.L. To Your Home


They say home is where the heart is and at Fenwick of Market Street Leicester you will find exactly what you need to transform any house into your dream home. 

Fenwick now stock a fantastic range of the innovative S.O.U.L. furniture brand which features a collection of styles that are the result of the founder’s many years spent travelling the world. From Nordic and Lodge style furniture to accessorise such as cushions, lamps and rugs, which are designed exclusively to match the S.O.U.L. furniture styles perfectly. 

The furniture has been inspired by the collective journeys he and his staff have made over the years. S.O.U.L philosophy is built around the belief that our homes are the place we always return to, a comfortable haven where we find peace. A place in which we invest our heart and S.O.U.L. 

If you are looking to create a unique living space, then look no further than Fenwick, Leicester 0116 255 3322 for further details and latest offers.