Stunning Butterfly Makes its First Appearance in Over 10 Years at Stratford Butterfly Farm

 Parides Childrenae

A stunning butterfly has made its first appearance in over 10 years at the Stratford Butterfly Farm. A male Parides Childrenae, also known as Green-celled Cattleheart, has recently emerged. The butterfly, which has a beautiful iridescent green patch on its fore wing, is normally found in South America. These unusually coloured butterflies were last seen at the Stratford Butterfly Farm over ten years ago but now the Farm is breeding them once more.

Since the male emerged last week, a number of Parides Childrenae have now emerged and are placed in the Caterpillar Room to breed. Inside the room is a plant called ‘Aristolochia’, also known as ‘Dutchman’s Pipe’. It is hoped that the butterflies will mate and lay their eggs on the plant whose leaves will be eaten by the caterpillars once they have hatched. 

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