New EU Vehicle Laws Set to Save Lives

By 2018 all new cars will be equipped with tracking devices that alert emergency services in the event of an accident. This will change the way that cars and car providers operate, with more providers being made to comply with the new laws.

Nationwide Hire, a specialist supplier of rental vehicles offers reliable, modern vehicles with the very latest mod cons – and will be one of the first to fit the tracking devices when released. New EU law means that within three years every car or small van will be required to contain a black box tracking device as standard.

The tracking devices will alert the nearest emergency services and will relay details such as time, location, speed, direction of travel, scale of impact and whether the airbags have been deployed – even if no one within the vehicle is able to speak. The tracking device also allows drivers to push a button if they have witnessed a crash.

The Telegraph reported that the device once implemented will cut emergency response times such as ambulance, fire and police by as much as 60% in cities and half in the countryside, potentially saving more than 2000 lives a year and reducing the severity of injuries of thousands more.

The devices will be dormant until they are needed to transmit data in the event of an accident with no data being shared without the consent of the driver.