Growing Trend in UK Gardens

With time becoming an increasingly precious commodity for many, it’s not surprising that more and more people are making a lifestyle choice: choosing to spend their free time relaxing on their lawns rather than mowing them. And as a result sales of machines that do the job automatically are on the up.

The market leading robotic lawnmower Robomow saw sales increase 136% from March 2014 compared with the same period in 2013 and all the signs are that this growth is set to continue through this year’s growing season.

Mower Magic is the UK distributor for Robomow. Managing Director John Hall is convinced that robotic lawnmowers are the future for British gardeners. He said, “We are seeing sales increase year on year and customer feedback is extremely positive. The market is definitely growing as more and more people realise the benefits and the capabilities of the machines.”

The market leading Robomow range includes six models, each designed for a specific garden size from 400m2 to 3,200m2. The machines are smarter, faster and more compact than ever with heavy duty, sharp steel blades and super strong motors to give great results on virtually any terrain and slopes up to 20 ̊. The automatic TurboMow feature can cope with tough conditions including long grass and the unique edging mode, exclusively patented to Robomow, enables the blades to cut beyond the wheel base and trim over the lawn edge. A powerful mulching system means there is no grass box to empty, as cuttings are shredded into miniscule pieces before being spread at the roots of the lawn where they return valuable water and nutrients to the soil.

John added, “Robotic devices such as Robomow offer gardeners an easy option when it comes to lawncare. Low running costs and easy maintenance combined with the time savings make them an attractive proposition for a whole range of homeowners. We have sold to busy parents who are short of time, older homeowners who want a helping hand managing a large garden and second homeowners whose gardens need maintaining while they are away.

“Technology has advanced so much that the performance of items that are battery powered or remotely operated is as good as any petrol or mains-powered device but with lower running costs. Electronic products have been a way of life for us for a while now; most people have a smart phone or tablet and more and more household items are becoming automated in some way – look at the rise of the Smart Home and the growing interest surrounding the Internet of Things. Now this trend is reaching the garden too."

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