Hints & Tips For Oct/Nov by David Greaves

Autumn brings with it falling leaves, so make sure you clear them away regularly, especially along paths as they can become quite slippery when breaking down.

GardenCut back perennials which have died down and prune climbing roses to prevent wind rock and spray off any flies/ bugs and caterpillars.

Take a good look around the garden and have a general tidy up. Make sure you have trimmed the hedges and mown the lawn before the cooler weather sets in. If you need to renovate your lawn or make a new grass area then use either cultivated turf or grass seed.

Raise any pots onto feet to avoid water logging and plant out tulip bulbs for a spring display next year. Also if you have any lavender then now is the time to trim it to promote new growth for the spring.

Plant out your winter bedding also plant 
any new trees, now the bare root season has begun and take a look at any existing trees in the garden and if you have any fruit trees then make sure to prune these.

Any apples and pears that are unblemished should be stored at this time also.

Finally lift and divide any rhubarb crowns to ensure a plentiful crop next year.