A Quickfire Guide To Conveyancing By Emery Johnson Astills

Buying and selling property can often be a challenging time. Whether it be sticky financial situations, or business meetings filled with industry jargon, it’s easy to be put off from the world of conveyancing. Emery Johnson Astills, however, pride themselves on giving you 

fantastic legal advice without the waffle, so we sat down with one of their solicitors Trisha Parmar to discover exactly what conveyancing means to the average person. 

Q. What does your role consist of at Emery Johnson Astills? 

I am a Solicitor in the Private Client Department. My main practice area is conveyancing but I also work on crime cases so my time is split between the office and representing clients in court or at the police station. 

Q. What is conveyancing? 

People often think of conveyancing as just buying or selling property and technically it is ‘the legal transfer of property’ but it can cover much more than that. Conveyancing is any transaction involving property so everything from mortgages to leases and declarations of trust to transfers of equity, we deal with it all. 

Q. What are the most common questions and concerns you get about conveyancing? 

The primary concerns for people are how much it will cost them and how long it will take. We are always really 

transparent about this, costs are in accordance with our fee scales and we use our experience to estimate the time the transaction will take. Every transaction is different, there may be factors which influence the time scale so we ensure that our clients are updated at every stage. 

Q. What advice would you give to those currently looking at moving house? 

In the same way I advise my clients, I would tell them to be prepared as this makes the process easier and helps to save time and money. Preparation involves looking carefully at your finances, researching mortgages and preferably having at least an offer in principle in place. I always suggest having surveys done as quickly as possible and looking carefully at building insurance options. I would also encourage people to look at the geographical area and make sure it meets theirs and their family’s needs i.e. proximity to local schools and amenities, as well as to get a feel for the local neighbourhood to ensure the area suits them. 

Emery Johnson Astills is one of Leicestershire’s leading legal practices with award winning solicitors working across all areas of law including criminal defence, family law, social care, wills & probate and conveyancing with branches in Leicester City Centre, Loughborough and Coalville. You can visit their website: www.johnsonastills.com for more details and to book a fixed fee consultation.