Tell-tale signs GP's must look for - How to spot cancer

Any patient who has smoked and has a cough, shortness of breath or chest pain. Refer as urgent X-ray to be carried out within 2 weeks. 

Patients with large suspicious moles that has recently changed shape or colour. refer within 2 Weeks to skin cancer specialist. 

Women over 50 with abdominal pain or bloating at least every other day. Send for blood tests and ultrasound within 2 weeks. 

Women aged over 50 and under 30 who have noticed any change in their breasts. Arrange appointment with breast cancer specialist within 2 weeks. 

Those over 60 who have suddenly lost weight, back or abdominal pain and nausea. refer for an urgent CT scan or ultrasound within 2 weeks.  

Men whose prostrate gland looks 'malignant' during an examination. Refer within 2 weeks to prostate cancer specialist.