A Rare Tornado Fighter Jet For Sale Thanks to Yorkshire-based Jet Art Aviation

This fantastic piece of RAF history has been painstakingly restored and rebuilt over the last 16 months to bring it back to its former glory. 

Finished and specced almost identically to when it last served, the Panavia Tornado GR1 ZA355 includes two Martin Baker MK10A ejection seats, a head up display, and a cockpit that is largely intact. 

The lucky owner will join an exclusive club of Hollywood stars who own their own historic combat aircraft including, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman. 

So, what do you do with a 54ft prime example of a fighter bomber that no longer flies? Making the transition from RAF engineer to Managing Director of Jet Art Aviation nine years ago, Chris Wilson, said: “This is one amazing piece of kit and a very clean and tidy, stunning looking Tornado. It’s perfect as the ultimate garden feature for the private individual who wants that ‘Wow’ factor. We are also seeing a trend in companies investing in aircraft like this as a business promotional tool outside their premises. Nothing gets you noticed like a Jet Fighter parked outside the front gate!” 

The Tornado Aircraft first grabbed the attention of the world’s media in the 1991 ‘Desert Storm’ Gulf War where RAF crews flew some of the most difficult and dangerous missions of the conflict; clearly demonstrating the Tornado’s ability to fly low and hit hard. 

Chris expects this aircraft to fly out of the door adding: “This is likely to be one of only a few times a RAF Tornado is offered for sale. 

The aircraft was first flown in November 1980 and served the first part of its operational life on Tri Tornado Training Establishment at RAF Cottesmore, training aircrew from Britain, Italy and Germany. It was then retired to a ground instructional role where it served as the RAF Lossiemouth weapons load trainer. Prior to the MOD releasing it through specialist tender in 2014, ZA355 was stored in a heated and hardened aircraft shelter with regular maintenance which preserved the aircraft incredibly well. No longer airworthy, the last flight was in 2001. 

Full details of aircraft can be found at www.jetartaviation.co.uk along with detailed photographs and contact information.