Be part of the Sow Smart(TM) revolution!

EVERYONE in the UK and Ireland can now enjoy biting into a home-grown tomato they’ve nurtured from seed! 

Gro-Sure® Sow SmartTM offers a unique and fool-proof way to grow tomatoes from seed. Each Sow SmartTM pack contains 6 gro-plugs. Each gro-plug is ready sown with a specially selected tomato seed and then surrounded by a patented compost formulation. The unique packaging also doubles as its own mini-gro system, making it the easiest way to grow your own tomatoes. 

Jen Richardson, Senior Marketing Manager said: “Sow SmartTM is so easy, we just ask consumers to ‘simply add water’ and within 4 weeks they will have a young plant, which is ready to plant out into a container or our Gro-Sure® Tomato Planter. 

“There’s no need to worry about over-watering as the plugs will only soak up as much water as they need. The patented plugs ensure the tomato seeds have the perfect balance of air, water, nutrients and physical support needed to thrive.” 

Plus, every consumer can scan the QR code on their Sow SmartTM to go online at and get exclusive information on how to grow tomatoes, to- gether with step by step growing support, troubleshooting, recipes and hints and tips. 

Jen continued: “This product will change how consumers grow from seed, it is so special and absolutely fool-proof. It has been developed to help those who want the reward of growing tomatoes from seed, but need a helping hand along the way”.