Donate and Make a Difference

Donate and Make a Difference

It is easy to do and a good use for your pre-loveds. Leicestershire Rutland and Leicester have an easier way to re-use.

‘Reuse’ is a word like Recycle. It sounds good, but what does it mean? What should people actually do?

Quite simply it means getting an extra life out of something that you no longer want, or you have taken on board something that no longer fits your requirements, but maybe useful for someone else. 

It is not a new idea. People sell second-hand stuff all the time. 

But not everyone wants to get into online selling. Sometimes there is a carpet or washing machine or sofa that no longer fits for you and you don’t want to store it ‘just in case’. The councils might collect but once you leave it outside it is ruined isn’t it? What a shame. 

You can ring your favourite Charity shops, and please do. But now, if you are in Rutland or anywhere in Leicestershire (including the City) it is easier. Reuse charities have banded together to form the Leicestershire and Rutland Reuse Network. You can ring one number or visit one website and make your donation of furniture or white goods. It’s as easy as that. 

Charities have banded together to build the web site and create one local call line. The charities will collect large items of working white goods or furniture in usable condition. 

Ring 0330 355 0707, the Leicestershire Reuse Line or visit one website