Ooh La La - Ian's Cooking up a Feast at Clarkes

Clarkes of QueniboroughWell, they are at it again the team at Clarkes - many congratulations for gaining Bronze recently in the British Pie awards for their delectable pork pies. There really is no stopping the run away train of success for their sumptuous hand made pork pies. Ian tells me that over the Christmas period he could not make enough to satisfy our appetites, which is why expansion is on the horizon to keep up with their ever increasing demand. 

All the pork pies are hand made on the premises using only the finest selected pork and only salt and pepper added. Enveloped in pork gelatin and encased in melt in your mouth hot water crust pastry. The recent inspired creations of toppings include tomato chutney covered with local Red Leicester and secondly caramelised onion chutney smothered with local tangy Stilton - which really hit the mark. 

Clarkes' pork pies are really turning into a phenomenon (highly recommended by one of the UK top chefs, what an accolade!) They really are a taste sensation, pork pies beyond perfection. Bradleys stores in Rothley and Quorn report an ever increasing demand in the pies. So what are you waiting for? Trust us, after tasting these beauties all other pies will fade in comparison. 

New additions to Clarkes' ever expanding repertoire include fresh chicken stir fries available in Thai and Chinese Szechuan flavours and Italian meatballs smothered in tomatoes and herbs and beef truffles using the finest quality minced beef with leeks, onions and seasoning formed into a nest with added mushrooms, bacon and mushroom sauce - YUM! Always working on new ideas and recipes, Ian tells me they are developing a new range of sausages, burgers and BBQ delights for the Summer - Can't wait, watch this space! 

The fantastic range of frozen ready meals (available at selected outlets listed) are forever increasing in popularity. Hand made on the premises in small batches since 1988, the range on offer is far too extensive to name, so visit Clarkes' web-site for a complete listing. These convenient wholesome and hearty meals start from as little as £3.00, and considering the quality of ingredients involved they are ridiculously less expensive than supermarket comparisons. It just makes sense, they are fabulous value for money. Ian can even tell you where the ingredients are sourced from - Now that's what I call dedication to quality control! 

The beauty with this top notch fare is that the meals do not contain any additives, E numbers, saturated fats or GM products, just pure fresh ingredients. You get exactly what is listed on the carton. The ready made range is suitable for students, children, the elderly and busy families and the gourmet range is perfect for taking the stress out of dinner parties. The frozen meals can also be delivered to your door (minimum order £25.00). So sit back, relax, just heat, eat and enjoy! 

P.S. I am sure we have mentioned before but, have we told you how utterly amazing Clarkes' home made, award winning sausages and bacon are?