Hints & Tips for June/July by David Greaves


This is a busy time of year with plenty of jobs around the garden to sort. Make sure you complete all of these tasks to keep your garden in top form.

Begin by planting warm-season grasses such as Pennisetum and Panicum to give them plenty of time to establish before winter. 

Once this is done, tackle the weeds and pests. Treat any bindweed, ground elder and similarly invasive weeds growing amongst other plants by applying a glyphosate gel to their leaves. 

Spray bean aphids with a soap-based or plant oil-based insecticide. Also treat bitter pit in apples, with calcium nitrate spray. 

Prune ornamental cherry trees after the flowers have faded, however keep pruning cuts to a minimum as cuts do not heal well and can allow diseases. 

Dead head roses snapping just below the spent flower heads, to encourage more blooms on repeat-flowering cultivars. 

Mow the lawns once a week to keep them neat and tidy, but avoid cutting in very dry spells. 

Over this period feed your tomato plants regularly with a high- potassium fertiliser and add compost mulch to your beds to encourage nutrients into the soil. 

Plant out your leeks when they are pencil thick and water the potato plants well for good-sized tubers and reduced problems with scab. Also water courgettes consistently so they continue to flower and crop them regularly. 

Lastly turn the compost heaps to add oxygen, and add extra water if necessary to ensure the head is damp throughout, this will help bacteria and fungi to do their work breaking down the organic material.