Loughborough High School Students Praised in Excellent Inspection

Students at Loughborough High School have been praised as “eloquent, confident and well-educated individuals” in a recent inspection. 

Visited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate the school, one of four in the Loughborough Endowed Schools Foundation, achieved an excellent rating across all eight categories. 

The categories cover every aspect of school life: pupil achievement, extra- curricular opportunities, quality of teaching, personal development of pupils, pastoral care, health and safety, governance and leadership. 

In particular, the inspection lauded the girls themselves, saying, “Pupils leave the school ready to face the challenges which lie before them, and are equipped to face the demands of life beyond school, becoming active citizens of the 21st century.” 

Inspectors also praised the quality of teaching and leadership, which they noted “fulfils the aims of the school to provide an excellent academic education in a caring and supportive atmosphere.” 

As a result, it was identified that all students make excellent progress, whatever their ability, with exam results well above average in comparison with other selective schools. 

Inspectors observed that pupils felt encouraged and inspired at Loughborough High School, “speak[ing] warmly of the relationship they have with their teachers and feel particularly well supported by them”. 

Gwen Byrom, Headteacher of Loughborough High School, said, “The inspection result is a testament to our girls. With high self-esteem and individual self-development being cited as particularly impressive, our pupils leave Loughborough High School with a strong sense of who they are as people, and what they are capable of.” 

Recognition was also given to the school’s effective careers guidance, giving pupils the transferable skills and confidence to follow their desired paths. 

Mrs Byrom added, “In today’s society, it is becoming more common for our students to follow multiple different directions over the course of their career. So the fact that the inspection recognised our ability to instill a sense of confidence for the girls to follow their ambition – but with the flexibility to cope with changes in their careers – was fantastic.” 

Loughborough High School was also celebrated for its commitment to ensuring all recommendations from the last visit had been met; with its digital focus including the iPad roll out, cited as being particularly beneficial in driving independent learning across all year groups. 

The inspection also applauded how the school places a “high value on its relationship with parents,” recognising that strong partnerships are at the heart of the school’s ethos and approach to teaching.  

The Governors were praised for having a knowledgeable commitment to the oversight of the school. Mary Gershlick, chair of the Loughborough High School committee, said, “This report reflects so strongly the unique community that is Loughborough High School. It identifies the explicit sense of purpose that defines the school: to resourcefully enable every single girl to achieve their own intellectual potential within a warm, caring, fun and nurturing culture.” 

Loughborough Grammar School & Loughborough High School are holding a Taster day on 28th June 2016. If your son or daughter is in Year 5 at primary school, the school’s fun, interactive taster day sets the scene for their senior school adventure.

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