Queen Victoria's Favourite

Harish with the magnum of Deutz ChampagneLast time we wrote an article on the Champagne drunk by Queen Victoria on sale at Oakham Wines, Harish was inundated with customers and he was amazed how they had travelled from far and wide to try this champagne. I must confess I have not sampled any myself (yet) but I am intrigued to taste exactly what Queen Victoria and her guests sampled on both her Diamond and Golden Jubilee. 

This has brought many customers back on a regular basis. Harish is sometimes asked to source more unusual drinks recently being asked for Strawberry and cream gin (I kid you not!) which he now stocks in his shop - a perfect summer drink. 

But this unique champagne must be worth it, somebody rather likes it as orders have been coming in for giant magnum bottles as you can see. Blimey they must have a big glass! 

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