Rivers Run

Author Kevin Parr - Published by Rider
IBSN: 9781846044915 - Hardback 216 pages - Price: £9.99 

Rivers Run is a eulogy to Britain's rivers and waterways. From the Stour to the Avon, from weirs to chalk streams, and the secret pool named after him. Kevin Parr travels to some of our most fascinating watercourses. 

Parr is on a quest to discover what it is that makes someone an angler, and how a passion for fishing and rivers can shape a life. Along the way he shares fishing lore, stories and insights about the creatures and plants that can be found in watery habits. Here are otters, kingfishers, imposing barbel and pikes lurking in the depths. 

By turns practical, thought-provoking and moving, Rivers Run mirrors the journey from source to sea on many levels. As Parr discovers, the stillness required to fish offers opportunity  to reflect on how we interact with the natural world - and what this can tell us about ourselves