Mocha Marketing, team up with Leicestershire charity in new partnership

Leicester based Mocha Marketing, have announced their recent partnership with Leicestershire charity, Soft Touch Arts. Situated on New Walk, the charity help disadvantaged young people and support them with challenges in their lives, by engaging them in projects which build creative, social and employability skills. Each and every year they work with around 1,000 young people. 

They have developed a close relationship with Soft Touch Arts since the beginning of 2015 and over the past year, have supported the charity in many different ways. 

Founder and Managing Director at Mocha Marketing, Gemma Orton, has had the privilege of working with Soft Touch Arts as a Business Mentor to one of their young people, for the past 12 months. It was seeing the impact that the charity has on so many deprived young people in Leicestershire, that Gemma wanted to support on a greater level. 

“Having been involved with charities at operational level for some time, I know that the skills gap generally is on a PR front as there just isn’t the funds available to support this kind of work - yet without creating awareness, how is a charity supposed to maximise on their efforts? It can be a vicious circle.” 

Mocha Marketing have pledged to raise £1,500 by the end of 2017 for Soft Touch Arts as well as supporting the business ambassador panel and managing much of the PR requirements for the charity. 

Christina Wigmore is the Business Development Director at Soft Touch Arts and is excited for what the partnership can bring. 

The charity has also just won the ‘Social Impact’ award at the Leicestershire East Midlands Chamber Awards. This is an achievement that both Soft Touch Arts and Mocha Marketing are thrilled with. 

Gemma is hopeful that this newly established relationship can continue for many years. 

“By witnessing the impact that Soft Touch have on our young people, I have to say that I have become totally attached to the Soft Touch team who work tirelessly to achieve what they do, and hope to be working with them, achieving special things together, for many years to come.”