The Ultimate Bathroom Book by Peter Hirsch

Unique Book of Bathroom Facts will Amaze and Amuse Anyone Visiting Your Bathroom. 

Published by Varn Authors: Peter Hirsch and Richard Forsyth Suitable for all ages (note: content references bodily functions) Pages: 78 Full colour - Paperback Photos and illustrations Size: 230x230mm RRP £14.99
ISBN: 9780993559907 Available through Waterstones, Amazon, WH Smiths 

“Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the bathroom.” 

The bathroom is a benchmark of human achievement and a symbol of culture. Peter Hirsch explores what the bathroom means to us, how it has been developed and some of the most amazing bathroom stories you’ll ever read. 

Find out what gong farmers harvested and what event causes people to flush, all at the same time. This is the perfect book to keep on your bathroom bookshelf, bursting with fascinating facts and insightful information. After reading The Ultimate Bathroom Book, it’s possible you may never look at the bathroom the same way again. 

“The bathroom and toilet activities permeate into every shred of our lives,” explains Hirsch. “From our daily usage of the facilities to toilet humour and slang phrases, it’s actually quite fitting to deliver the world a book of shocking, surprising and often awe-inspiring bathroom facts. For example, readers will discover how many people scrunch vs. fold their toilet paper, what most really get up to while sat on the loo and why we’ll need over three Earths by 2050 if we continue our high rates of water consumption.”