Paper Cuts

A fast paced and quirky thriller available on Kindle and in Paperback! Author: Nicci Rae - Available from: 

How quickly can The Nation's Sweetheart become Enemy Of The State ? 

Talking With Tiffany is England’s favourite morning programme and Tiffany Wilson the Nation’s sweetheart. All indications are that Tiffany’s tellysphere crown is about to be confirmed as her documentary ‘Our World’ is aired, following the journey of Ayo and Masika Akiloye as they are brought to England from Moucha Island and filmed for six months as they discover all that the Western world has to offer. 

As she presents the final interview with the Akiloyes before their return to Africa, Tiffany is dreaming of glory and BAFTAs but the dream soon turns to nightmare as the Akiloyes drop the bombshell, live on air, that they plan to flaunt the plan - and the law - by refusing to return to Africa. 

Events begin to spiral out of control as as the country - and the press - support the Akiloyes, vilifying Tiffany and the TV company for using the Akiloyes as an experiment in the name of entertainment and, as Tiffany fights to restore her reputation she discovers that there's more at stake than her ratings!