Leading UK Housebuilder Launches Nottingham Business

Persimmon Homes has launched its 29th region in britain, with its new Persimmon homes Nottingham headquarters in mansfield. 

The establishment of this business will bring new homes to towns where they are needed, said managing director, Neil follows. 

around 30-40 new office jobs have been created as a result of the opening of the new headquarters, in addition to site staff and suppliers. 

currently the company has homes for sale at Newark-on-Trent, Retford, hucknall, lincoln, Sleaford and clipstone but plan to build over 500 new homes in the region in the next few years. 

Neil said: “We are delighted to have launched Persimmon Homes Nottingham, which represents a significant economic boost to the county. 

“We have already made a number of appointments and still have positions to fill. Our focus will be on bringing in energetic, enthusiastic, local people with good knowledge of what Nottinghamshire needs and requires. 

“Furthermore, there will be genuine benefits for the communities in which we work. This includes significant contributions towards education, new roads and healthcare to name but a few.” 

There are still a range of vacancies available including development Planner and customer Service administrator. a full range of jobs can be found at www.persimmonjobs.com

Persimmon homes has been active in Nottinghamshire for many years, operating as Persimmon homes North midlands and Persimmon homes East midlands. 

Persimmon homes North midlands will continue to operate in derbyshire and parts of leicestershire and Staffordshire, while Persimmon homes Nottingham will focus on North East derbyshire, bassetlaw, North Kesteven, lincolnshire and Newark & Sherwood. 

charities and community groups in Nottingham will be able to benefit from the housebuilder’s community champions scheme. Persimmon homes Nottingham has £24,000 set aside to hand out over the next 12 months. 

Each month the business will select two charities in the county to receive up to £1,000 each. applications can be made by visiting: www.persimmonhomes.com/charity 

Neil continued: “We are very proud of our Community Champions scheme, which has already helped hundreds of good causes across the UK.  

“I know there are many, many good causes in Nottingham and I look forward to looking through all of the applications each month. And if you’re not successful the first time, don’t worry – there is no reason why you cannot apply the following month.”