‘Spring Challenges’

Springtime is upon us which brings a different set of challenges to rural police officers... 

From dogs worrying livestock, to increased reports of anti-social behaviour as a result of lighter nights. We take to social media to update and educate the wider public - and we find that it really works to get specific messages across. 

February saw officers from across the region pull together in support of ‘Op Dove’ which was the tragic explosion on Hinckley Road leaving five people dead. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue and East Midlands Ambulance Service worked tirelessly alongside police officers in awful conditions and biting cold. 

Three men were arrested on Wednesday 28th February in connection with the explosion. All three were charged with five counts of manslaughter and with arson with intent to endanger life. 

The ‘Beast from the East’ hit us hard with widespread disruption across the area. Many were left stranded with no water or basic amenities. Support from volunteers was crucial for people to continue with ‘business as usual’ - from local farmers with snow ploughs clearing roads, to the various volunteer groups with 4x4s and those providing hot food to the vulnerable and elderly. 

Five more wildlife crime officers have been trained now in Leicestershire which offers us more resilience and capability to deal with issues including hare coursing, badger sett interference and allegations of illegal fox hunting. 

Over in Market Bosworth - ‘Op Sackful’ was coordinated with the Environment Agency, Trading Standards and the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency working together. We used a site near to Twycross on the A444, and a site on the A5. We stopped a total of fifty five vehicles. 

One male was arrested for drug driving. 

Five tickets were given to drivers for a range of offences - from driving without due care and attention - to crossing a solid white line - and defective tyres and brakes. 

Twenty four immediate defects were identified by DVSA - these are serious faults which means the issues must be rectified before the vehicles can be on the road, and eleven delayed faults were also identified. 

For updates on local crime and crime prevention advice - check out Market Bosworth Police on Facebook or search for your local police online. 

PC 207 Rob Cross 

Market Bosworth Beat Officer
Leicestershire Wildlife Crime Officer
c/o Hinckley Police Station, Upper Bond Street, Hinckley