Britain's Pongy Pillows: Over 40% of the UK Has Never Washed their Pillows


Almost half of all Brits (41 per cent) have never washed their pongy, stained pillows, despite guidelines advising washing every six months, according to a new study.


Most of us also admit to sleeping on a pillow that is over five years old, With a fifth being over 10 years’ old, suggesting the nation has a way to go When it comes to keeping a hygienic sleep environment.


Shockingly, a quarter of the nation did not know it needed to wash its pillows at all.


The survey by personalised pillow specialist, nanu, also revealed the average sleeper only replaces its pillow every 10 years, despite the fact most Will have lost their practical abilities by then — With industry advice suggesting replacing them Within one to two years.


Reasons cited for the reluctance to wash or replace our favourite pillows included them having a comforting smell and having moulded into the perfect shape — otherwise known as a condition called PAD (Pillow Attachment Disorder), according to experts.


More than a quarter of us claiming they couldn’t sleep Without it. So much so, a fifth take their pillows on holidays, 10 per cent take them When sleeping anywhere but home, including friends’ and family members’ homes, and three per cent of the UK (1.95m people) even take their pillows to the cinema With them.


Nanu’s research found that men are more emotionally attached to their pillows than women. So attached are men to their pillow, they’re twice as happy as women to lose personal and expensive items such as a phone, wallet, family photos and house keys rather than part With their precious pillow. Leading psychologist, Emma Kenny, commented: “It is very interesting to observe the connection that men, especially, have to their pillows. Often, the male gender is misrepresented When it comes to their emotional needs. This research demonstrates the importance men place on reliable and loyal friendships. The security that pillows represent for men is evident Within these results.


“Whilst social media consistently propagates am obsession With hygiene, the truth is that it is merely skin deep in reality. The saying out of sight, out of mind is especially true When it comes to pillows, With the majority of people admitting that they don‘t wash them regularly.”


Jamie Moryoussef, spokesperson for nanu, commented: “Sleeping on the perfect pillow has proven benefits When it comes to getting a good night’s rest. The fact so many of us are sleeping on pillows that are five or more years older is somewhat worrying, as by then any pillow has lost its ability to support our heads, keep us truly comfy and help generate the perfect conditions for kip. It is recommended that pillows are changed every three years in order to maximise their benefits, and we hope these survey results Will inspire Britons to take action and recycle any pongy pillows they may have at home.”


The survey by nanu found that across the UK, Aberdeen, Swansea and York came out as the cities With the pongiest pillows — over 50 per cent of residents in these cities have never washed this part of their bedding.


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